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Sep 23, 2012 10:00am EDT
. you called for u.s. intervention into syria. he called for military attacks against iran. at the same time, there does not seem to be the appetite in this country for more intervention, especially military intervention, in middle east countries. what do you think the administration should be doing that would address your concerns? >> the short answer is the u.s. with allies, the arab world ought to be much more actively supporting the opposition to bashar al-assad for humanitarian reasons and for reasons of our values. we believe in freedom for people, not the tyranny of bashar al-assad. i think that would be popular thing to do. in the arab world, as they watch what is happening in syria, if they wonder why the rest of the world why we are standing by. theirs is horrible crisis going through the muslim world. -- there is a horrible crisis going on through the muslim world. the government in libya has been very clear against the attacks, apologizing to the u.s. for the libyans who participated in the killing of the americans. why? and they know we were on their side in the uprising ag
Sep 16, 2012 10:00am EDT
and make that happen. that's what i would like to see happen, the sooner the better. >> back in the 1980's there was discussion on social security, people gathered into a room and created a fix, a generation ago. would the problem really be social security and medicare? can you see any practical move as far as social security, congressional commission for this age, having an infectiveness that do could bring the kind of focus and actually negotiate an outcome that would be appropriate? >> well, we had something like that back when we finally came up with the debt ceiling deal and the appropriations, and the $7 billion cut. i think we need to have a partisan/bipartisan group, including, of course, the president and the executive branch. but also, of course, members o the house and senate. and perhaps even outsiders. maybe more importantly, outsiders. that could put their minds to what we best should do to make the entitlement programs fair, even, but fiscally sound so that we save that for future generations to come. if we do nothing, those institutions are going to be
Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
. they owe more on their homes and their homes are worth. '90s term -- 90% are paying their bills every month. they're doing everything they can to meet their responsibility. they are locked out of savings of over $3,000 a year. it is like a tax cut. for those families, it is a problem. it is also a problem for our economy. with the most important ways that monetary policy -- one of the most important ways that monetary policy is through consumer debt. they spend it in support of local businesses. whether it is fixing the roof are going out to dinner or what ever. create jobs. the fact that there is not as much refinancing is a problem. that is why a year ago when the president put forth his american jobs act, he also said "we will do more about refinancing." the first thing he did is say we're going to take the actions we can with their own powers to help more families refinance. that is specifically for families with government guaranteed mortgages. since we made those changes, we have seen a refinancing across the country double. in the states that were hardest hit, more portly. in nevada
Sep 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
created more jobs in four years during the worst economy since the 1930's than the bush administration did in eight years. there is also no question that there are still a lot of people lot of work who want to go to work. i do not believe that we are just going to talk about what is going on today. we have to talk about the future as well. this is not just about today's economy. it is about making investments in the middle class, i am working people, rewarding work, keeping a safety net while aggressively addressing the deficit. keeping taxes low on the middle- class. and not extending the bush tax cuts. look, this election is going to be about choices. there is no question that it will be a very close one. i have not been one of those people to say that this will be a stroll in a park, but at the end of the day perhaps the president will prevail. he will, because he is right on the policies and they are wrong. >> peter nicholas, "the wall street journal." >> about the latino steep -- speakers that we saw on stage in tampa, there have been efforts on the part of the mitt romney paul ryan t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)